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We work together in Greater Franklin, Maine. That’s the kind of community we are. With so many freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs living in and moving to our area, we have even more opportunity to gather bright minds, cultivate ideas, and support each other. Coworking spaces aren’t just offices with fiber internet to get work done or meet with colleagues, though they are that. Coworking is about sharing skills and resources, brainstorming with fresh perspectives, hosting community events and workshops, connecting, collaborating. We aim to create a network of coworking spaces in our historic downtowns, where members are welcome across the network. Help us make this happen by signing up, and sharing this page with your friends and colleagues. We want to cowork with you!

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Why Coworking?

by ChatGPT, human inputted and edited

1. **Collaboration**: Coworking spaces foster collaboration by bringing together professionals from different industries and backgrounds. This creates opportunities for knowledge sharing, skill exchange, and potential partnerships.

2. **Networking**: One of the biggest benefits of coworking communities is the networking opportunities they provide. Whether it’s through informal conversations in communal areas or organized events and workshops, members have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, potential clients, mentors, and investors.

3. **Support and Community**: Coworking spaces often have a strong sense of community, where members support each other professionally and personally. This can include sharing resources, offering advice and feedback, or simply providing a supportive environment during challenging times.

4. **Professional Development**: Coworking communities organize events, workshops, and seminars aimed at professional development. These opportunities can range from skill-building workshops and industry-specific talks to networking events and pitch competitions, helping members enhance their skills and grow their businesses or careers.

Overall, coworking communities provide more than just a place to work—they offer a supportive ecosystem where individuals can thrive professionally and personally through collaboration, networking, and ongoing learning.