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Workforce Development for Employers

Workforce development is about maximizing the potential of your employees and enabling them to handle workplace situations with confidence. In a time when hiring is difficult and qualified candidates may be sparse, training programs can allow employers to hire based on personality and train to fit. Many organizations in Franklin County and across the state are working to provide workforce training programs for any and all industries.

Spruce Mountain Adult and Community Education - RSU 73

Workplace Development Adult Education

Spruce Mountain Adult and Community Education is part of the RSU 73 school district, but training is available to anyone in the area. They have experience developing workforce training programs with employers all over Franklin County, and are always open to discussing the development of new programming to address the workforce needs of employers in the region.

Programs that have been previously offered by Spruce Mountain Adult and Community Education:

  • Culinary Program
  • CMA Training
  • Specified partnerships with local employers


Do you have a specific workforce training need for your business?

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Robyn Raymond, Director



Spruce Mountain offers Professional Skills Classes Online through Ed2Go. Courses range from Veterinary Assistant to Grant Writing to Web Design Certification.

Franklin County Adult Education - RSU 9

Healthcare employment in Maine

Franklin County Adult Education covers all of Franklin County and is part of the RSU 9 school district. They offer a wide variety of programming that can prepare employees to be better equipped for their careers, and are always working to develop new programs with employers in the region.

Programs that have been previously offered by Franklin County Adult Education:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant – A CNA is one of the most important jobs in the healthcare industry. By providing personal care to patients, you enable individuals to keep their dignity, and improve their quality of life.
  • Certified Residential Medication Aide – This training is a great initial introduction to health care. Providing medication under a nurse’s supervision enables individuals to remain living in residential communities.
  • Certified Nursing Assistant-Medical Technician – This advanced certification allows a registered CNA to provide additional medication services to patients under a nurse’s care.
  • Behavioral Health Professional Certification – Work with children who have intellectual disabilities, autism and mental health disorders and their families. You become an integral part of a child’s treatment team.
  • WorkReady Training: This state certified course helps individuals learn the skills they need to be a successful employee. Attendees learn the fundamentals of being a successful employee including the importance of reporting to work on time, appropriate wardrobe for the job, customer service, and conflict resolution. This program has skills assessment minimums.
  • Work Readiness Training: This training can be customized to fit your needs without the state requirements needed for WorkReady.
  • Customized Computer Courses: Ask us about our customized computer classes. We can develop something for you and make your life easier at the same time!

    Do you have a specific workforce training need for your business? Contact Franklin County Adult Education here:

    Nancy Allen, Director


Community Concepts, Inc.

Preschool teacher and student

Community Concepts, Inc. is an option to help you find the right fit through on-the-job training and work experience programs. Their programs connect you with employees and will reimburse you for part or all of their wages for a short period of time. You can gain a dedicated team member while providing the training and knowledge they need to help your business succeed at little to no cost to you.

These programs are available in Androscoggin, Oxford, Franklin, Kennebec, and Somerset counties.

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